NSAI and SERFA and songwriting, oh my!

I've been working hard on my songwriting this spring, and it's been so rewarding.  I have started going to local NSAI group meetings for song critiques, I attended a songwriting master class at Arena Stage in DC, and I just got back from NSAI Spring Training in Nashville for the first time! Lots of focus on expanding my "checklist" for reviewing/editing my own songs, because you can't intelligently break the rules of what the listener expects to hear in a song until you understand why the rules work in the first place and what purpose they serve.  In just the few days that I've been back from Spring Training I think I've written some of my best songs yet, and I'm excited to begin sharing them with audiences over the next few months.  My next planned public performance is at my first SERFA (Southeastern Regional Folk Alliance) conference in Montreat, NC in May.  I'm playing a guerrilla showcase there on Saturday night, and I'm really working hard to have a strong theme running through my set and making my presentation of the songs as good as it can be.  Thanks for checking in, I'm planning to start beefing up the songwriting portion of the website soon with lyrics and song backstories, so please drop by again soon! 

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