Luck Finds Those Who Are Out After It

I was able to play Main Street Music Fest last weekend because a music friend gave me the heads up about the opportunity.  I was able to mark the milestone of getting my name on a festival t-shirt thanks to this one! Another music friend set up the lineup at the Electric Maid on Saturday, and while there I met a fantastic musician who invited me to get on the roster for an upcoming songwriter night that he hosts. I wouldn't have made any of these connections if I weren't getting out there, sharing my music, and building friendships in my local music community. Certainly I dig up opportunities on my own, and I try to let friends know of opportunities that I find that can use more artists. But getting opportunities isn't about "luck" as much as it's about persistence, and it's not about being mercenary about "contacts" -- it's about community.  I'm trying to be humble, be thankful, and keep plugging. Luck has a funny way of finding you when you are out working hard.

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