Hi there folks, here's another update from the musical journey by Gracious Me!  I was both inspired and challenged by attending the magical SERFA (South Eastern Regional Folk Alliance) 2016 conference in Montreat, NC.  My survey of attendees indicated that I was the least experienced person around, which meant that I was totally in my element sponging up everything I could from the tribe of traveling singer-songwriters gathered there.  I got to share a few songs with people, participate in an EPIC all-night singalong that fed my soul (songwriter conference singalongs cover different territory than the singalongs I'm used to with traditional song junkies!), and attend some really meaty conference sessions.  There were so many talented songwriters there that I literally couldn't keep up -- they have multiple guerrilla showcases running all at the same time, so every choice to see one person involves a choice not to see someone else. 

Seeing such a concentration of excellent songwriters and musicians definitely challenged me to improve, and I'm hard at work doing that, while being mindful that I can only grow from where I am.  I'm trying to connect a talented duo I met who wants to extend their touring into the DC area with a venue that I think would be good for them, and that's always great to be able to encourage someone else! I had some positive interactions with bookers and venue owners who were supportive and may be able to use me as I develop my skills more. Speaking of developing my skills, I'm doing one of my longest solo shows yet this Friday, May 27, at 8 p.m. at the Coffeehouse at the Church at Clarendon, 1210 N. Highland Street, Arlington, VA.  If you are in the DC area, come on out for a Gracious Me extravaganza, loads of originals and some covers too!  Thanks for listening.

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