A Lovely Review

DJ Pat Stone has a lively internet radio variety show, The Pat Stone Show, on www.brightskyradio.com. He very kindly played a Gracious Me track on Monday night, and then played another one on Wednesday night!  He said "I love this folky Americana music, and her voice ... wow!  I was listening to this song [You Don't Love Me Like You Used To] with my eyes closed and it's a great song for slow dancing."  How right he is, I was adapting this song into its final form for some friends' anniversary party, and because they are great dancers I squeezed it down from 4/4 into 3/4 so that folks could waltz to it!  I appreciate Pat's kind words, and I'm glad that the feel of the song lines up with my intentions.  Give it a listen on the EP, available from the MUSIC page here on the website. 

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