2016 Musical Goals!!!

I love setting goals for the year, but I never rush to get the list done by January 1.  I like to let them marinate for a little while to make sure they are a good fit for where I want to go. These musical goals for 2016 have me excited for a great year – sign up for the mailing list to keep up with whether I fulfill them, or whether the journey takes me somewhere else entirely this year!  

1. In a stroke of stellar timing, I completed a funny Christmas song the first week of 2016.  But that actually fits in well with my annual goals, because using this song as my basis, I am setting goals to do the following: 1) record the song by mid-October, 2) record my first VIDEO in support of the song, 3) research how to best promote a holiday digital single and be ready to go by the end of October, and 4) get the song on at least three holiday music playlists in November/December 2016.  
2. Busking!  I’m terrified of busking (you know, those people you see playing in subway stations or on the sidewalk.) Something about the uninvited or intrusive nature of busking intimidates me, even though I LOVE buskers and always try to keep some bills handy in case I run across one. So I’m conquering this one this year (I will give myself leeway to accomplish this one with a friend for support.) 
3. Get better at being ENTERTAINING!  I’m trying to be an entertainer, not just do a brain dump on whomever happens to be unfortunate enough to wander through the door. So I’m switching my regular lessons from strictly guitar lessons to “singer-songwriter lessons” with a full-time traveling solo troubadour and teacher. We’ll see what tricks of the trade I can learn from someone who has to fill the stage all by himself on a regular basis.  
4. On that note, I’m setting a goal of writing more up-tempo, positive/happy songs.  That doesn’t mean I’m going to be writing party anthems, haha, but I’m going to be actively pursuing writing positive/fun/up-tempo songs this year. I’m setting the yield at a reasonable five – five up-tempo songs that I like enough that I’m willing to play them for people, by the end of the year. This may be the hardest goal to fulfill! 
5. Place in a songwriting contest or get selected to perform in a festival. This is a total stretch goal, because whether I accomplish it is totally out of my hands.  But setting this goal will keep me focused on pushing to sound more polished and to have new material that might get there.  
6. Co-write!  My only attempt at co-writing so far was in a stressful “instant co-write” situation with strangers that did not go well.  So I’m looking to try a more friendly co-write situation this year to see how that goes. NO requirements that this effort produce a song that I’d be willing to perform for others.  Just the process of working collaboratively on something that has been so solitary for me is the goal. 

Y’all keep me honest, and we’ll see how many of these goals I have attained by the end of 2016!  Have a musical and creative year! 

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