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Welcome to the home of Gracious Me on the web!  Gracious Me writes and sings southern-accented literary Americana songs from a female perspective.  Soulful, powerful singing, thoughtful lyrics, and memorable melodies all serve the message of Gracious Me's songs.  In 2018 Gracious Me is growing into a collective, Gracious Me and the Ingrates, so we'll be working on duo and band performances.  You can also pick up the EP, Introducing . . . Gracious Me right here on the website under MUSIC, in hard copy at CD Baby, downloads from iTunes and Amazon, and streaming on Spotify and elsewhere.  Thanks for stopping by!

Coming Events


Rollicking Carol Sing-A-Long

Trinity House Cafe, Leesburg, VA

Mike Henry, Gracious Me, and Kim Gilliam will host a jamboree Christmas carol singalong! Bring the kids, bring your mom, we'll have lyrics and good cheer!

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New Year, New Collective Opportunities! 

At the end of 2017 I wasn't too sure what to share in a "Year in Review" post, but as the new year turned, events have snowballed quickly and now there is so much to report!  I'm practicing with a new band to expand the Gracious Me sound.  Be on the lookout for new live videos posting soon to document our growth.  I am also beginning to work with Michael Henry to do duo performances, so that's an entirely different set of performance skills that I'm looking forward to building.  Thanks so much for keeping…

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Summer Wrap Up 

After SERFA in May I purposefully pulled back on everything music-related (except my ongoing songwriting) to make space for other aspects of my life.  By early August I had taken care of some other pieces of the puzzle and was ready to share the results of some of my songwriting process.  I booked some studio time to get five new songs recorded, I started scheduling performance dates again, and I attended a great small music camp in North Carolina, PickNBow, where I have developed many musical friendships…

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Falling Into New Music 

Hi everybody, I wanted to reach out to let you know what I've been up to musically!  This fall I have had several nice performance dates, but I'm most excited about the two new songs that I recorded recently at Urban Garden Studios here in the DC area.  One is a bluesy tune called Every Man Blues, and the other is a jazzy Christmas song titled The Naughty List.  They were both fun to work on, and I really enjoyed my time in the studio and with some great instrumentalists, Mike Ryan on guitar and Seth Kibel…Read more

Augusta, Smoky Mountains Songwriters' Festival, Writing, and PorchFest 

Hi all, I've been busy (not just making music), so I wanted to update you on what I've been doing.  I had a wonderful time at Vocal Week the Augusta Heritage Center at Davis & Elkins College in Elkins, West Virginia, where I got to take a songwriting class from the legendary Alice Gerrard and a blues class from the amazing legend-in-the-making Rhiannon Giddens!  Wheeee!  I also was able to facilitate a songwriters' sharing circle, which brought a nice group together from various Augusta classes to share…Read more


Hi there folks, here's another update from the musical journey by Gracious Me!  I was both inspired and challenged by attending the magical SERFA (South Eastern Regional Folk Alliance) 2016 conference in Montreat, NC.  My survey of attendees indicated that I was the least experienced person around, which meant that I was totally in my element sponging up everything I could from the tribe of traveling singer-songwriters gathered there.  I got to share a few songs with people, participate in an EPIC all-night…Read more