The EP Release Party is almost here!

I've been working so hard getting ready for the EP release party, and I can't believe it's almost here!  Had a good marathon practice on Sunday with part of the Stellar Fellars who are going to be backing me up…

Internet Radio airplay begins!

I've started promoting the EP tracks to indie radio in advance of the release date, and on Wednesday, October 21, two different internet radio shows will play a Gracious Me track!  Tune in to "Journey To Tomorrow!"
England's Way…


Several mini-milestones have passed by in the last few weeks -- selling the first Gracious Me CDs, getting my name on the t-shirt for a festival for the first time, but one really great milestone came a few days ago…

Luck Finds Those Who Are Out After It

I was able to play Main Street Music Fest last weekend because a music friend gave me the heads up about the opportunity.  I was able to mark the milestone of getting my name on a festival t-shirt thanks to…

Doubling Up

A performance opportunity fell in my lap a few days ago, so now Gracious Me will be playing two back-to-back gigs on Saturday, September 26!  First up is a 4 p.m. set at the Phoenix Emporium Songwriter stage as part…

Music Can't Wait!

The EP and packaging are off to the manufacturer, and while I wait I'm practicing for the upcoming run of gigs leading up to the EP release party.  Songs keep showing up and asking to be written, so I have…


Work continues on post-production for the EP, and while that project is baking in the oven, I'm lining up gigs, practicing my songs, writing, and getting established online.  Thanks for checking in!