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Welcome to the home of Gracious Me on the web!  Gracious Me writes and sings southern-accented literary Americana songs from a female perspective.  Soulful, powerful singing, thoughtful lyrics, and memorable melodies all serve the message of Gracious Me's songs.  In 2018 Gracious Me is growing into a collective, Gracious Me and the Ingrates, so we'll be working on duo and band performances.  You can also pick up the EP, Introducing . . . Gracious Me right here on the website under MUSIC, in hard copy at CD Baby, downloads from iTunes and Amazon, and streaming on Spotify and elsewhere.  Thanks for stopping by!

Coming Events


Rollicking Carol Sing-A-Long

Trinity House Cafe, Leesburg, VA

Mike Henry, Gracious Me, and Kim Gilliam will host a jamboree Christmas carol singalong! Bring the kids, bring your mom, we'll have lyrics and good cheer!

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NSAI and SERFA and songwriting, oh my! 

I've been working hard on my songwriting this spring, and it's been so rewarding.  I have started going to local NSAI group meetings for song critiques, I attended a songwriting master class at Arena Stage in DC, and I just got back from NSAI Spring Training in Nashville for the first time! Lots of focus on expanding my "checklist" for reviewing/editing my own songs, because you can't intelligently break the rules of what the listener expects to hear in a song until you understand why the rules work in the…Read more

Great reviews! 

I wanted to share a couple of great reviews that I have gotten recently.  First, click this link to read a truly amazing review of the whole Introducing ... Gracious Me EP from DC music blog Sustain and Resonance!  The reviewer clearly spent a lot of time listening to the music, and I'm so grateful for the kind words! 

Sustain and Resonance

Also, the Female Frequency Show hosted by Go Girls Music ( played my song Warrior, and they said that it "had a direct, beautiful storytelling…Read more

2016 Musical Goals!!! 

I love setting goals for the year, but I never rush to get the list done by January 1.  I like to let them marinate for a little while to make sure they are a good fit for where I want to go. These musical goals for 2016 have me excited for a great year – sign up for the mailing list to keep up with whether I fulfill them, or whether the journey takes me somewhere else entirely this year!  

1. In a stroke of stellar timing, I completed a funny Christmas song the first week of 2016.  But that actually fits…

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2015 Year in Review 

I've been thinking over 2015 as I come up with goals for 2016, and one thing that happened over and over again in 2015 was getting rejected. My music got turned down by contest after contest, my input was pointedly ignored by the two younger women I was paired with to write a song at a "women's flash co-write" event, I submitted work for all sorts of ReverbNation "opportunities" that didn't pan out, I had a few promising contacts that never materialized into anything, etc., etc. It would be easy to focus on…

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Last Chance for Free Shipping 

Hi all, I was so thankful for several friends who came out to hear the set at the Black Squirrel's Songwriter Showcase this week, and I'm looking forward to performing for Leesburg's First Friday tonight. I'm checking into joining a SAW showcase of comedy songs on Dec. 30, so stay tuned for possible information on that one.  Just a reminder that TODAY, Friday, 12/4/15, is the last day to order the EP from CD Baby for 1 cent shipping, so please get your orders in for Introducing ... Gracious Me!  Have a…Read more